Has someone on your staff tested positive for COVID-19? Get back to work – fast!

CleanTex cleaning technicians are thoroughly trained in all phases of office and workplace cleaning and strictly follow CDC and OSHA guidelines.

Watch video of real CleanTex employees performing office sanitation services for a medical office.

Our advanced cleaning service adheres to CDC guidelines for disinfecting hard, soft and high-touch surfaces.

We use EPA and CDC approved industrial-strength disinfectants that kill a broad spectrum of viruses and bacteria, including COVID-19, SARS, the flu, commons colds, mold and other pathogens.

We completely clean your workspace and apply hospital grade disinfectants to all hard and high-touch surfaces – through direct spray, misting, fogging and electrostatic processes. The disinfectant is left on the surface for 2-10 minutes, depending on disinfectant and surface, to effectively kill all viruses and bacteria. The surface is then wiped clean.

Soft surfaces are also cleaned with disinfectant and vacuumed with high-efficiency particular air (HEPA) commercial vacuum and filter to prevent airborne particles.

Our staff wears full personal protective equipment (PPE) to prevent contracting or transmitting disease.

Industries We Serve

We are proud to provide office sanitation and disinfection and janitorial services for these and all other commercial industries:

Office Buildings

Medical Offices

Banks and Credit Unions



Industrial and Warehouse

Gym and Fitness Centers

Auto Dealerships

Universities and Schools

High-Rise Cleaning


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