Get spotless carpets, tile, linoleum, concrete – with low-residue, deep cleaning systems

CleanTex commercial carpet cleaning CleanTex commercial carpet cleaning

Commercial hot water extraction machines are highly effective for deep cleaning commercial carpets and also leave your carpets dry and residue-free.

The right equipment, cleaning solutions and trained personnel combine to get your carpets clean and keep them clean.

CleanTex commercial carpet cleaning technicians use truck-mounted, hot water extraction machines to clean your carpets.

These powerful truck-mounted machines heat water in the truck. Then our technicians use hot water extraction machines to inject water and carpet cleaning solution into your carpets and remove the dirt.

The same extraction machines then use powerful suction to pull out the cleaning solution, dirt and hot water out of the carpet.

This method not only removes the most dirt and debris from your carpets, but your carpets also dry quicker, reducing chances of resoiling.

We use a variety of cleaning solutions specific to your carpet and types of soiling.

CleanTex commercial floor cleaning customers

A clean floor tells employees that you care about a professional work environment.

CleanTex commercial floor after protective treatment is applied

CleanTex applies a variety of protective treatments to commercial floors.

Commercial Floor Cleaning Services

CleanTex cleaning technicians sweep, mop and disinfect floors. Depending on floor type, hot water extraction may be used.

All cleaning solutions are mixed to proper strength according to manufacturer and CDC/EPA standards.

Solutions are applied with the correct equipment for your commercial floor.

Mop water is changed as needed throughout the cleaning to ensure a thorough cleaning

Tile is cleaned with the proper solutions and then dried. As needed, tile and grout are deep cleaned with high-pressure solutions which are then extracted.

Specialty floors may require a custom cleaning approach.

After cleaning, floors may be treated with protective coatings to ensure durability and a clean look.

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